Bump, Birth, Baby for Bero – Miami birth photographer

Sometimes it seems all a blur. It was March when Bero, still newly pregnant, contacted me. Nearly June when we first met. September by the time we spent a beautiful early morning splashing around in the ocean to document her still teensy bump. (No fair!) October when she went into labor and I got “the call.” And November when we visited once more to complete the story with a newborn session.

Life is so stupidly busy. So it kind of stopped me in my tracks to see Bero’s pregnancy journey all put together in front of me like this. All the stops and starts, and day to day monotony of our everyday make it hard to focus on The Big Picture. But nestled in between all that blur is a collection of moments that make your heart beat faster.. make you hold your breath and clench your jaw.. that make you smile and feel the watery tension of emotion in your eyes…

Bero and Luca have valued preserving those moments from very early on in their second pregnancy. It’s amazing to be chosen to chronicle such an important part of someone’s life. It’s lovely to bear witness to the intimate, real love in a family,  and powerful stuff to document the changes as love grows and a new baby arrives.

Enjoy the highlights of Bero, Luca and little “Dom dom’s” story as sweet baby Asami made her way into their circle. ❤

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bero-birthjourneyblog071***Special thank you to Sophia Gueiros Costa, my back up photographer, who dashed in when I asked her to that night and gathered up some important storytelling images for me when it wasn’t clear if I would be able to make it or not. 

One thought on “Bump, Birth, Baby for Bero – Miami birth photographer

  1. Hi Emily, your work is so special, shows all the emotions and they captured in a such a sensitive loving way. Do you mind if I ask you if you use flash for your photography or are they taken with natural light only?

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