A new baby sister for a trio of brothers – Coral Springs birth photographer

First, I must say that when I met Nermari and Ricky for the first time, I left their house in disbelief at their calm. With three young boys and one little one close to arriving, there was not a hint of disarray. No sign of frayed nerves or even exhaustion, really, from either of them.

Mellow is a good word, I think.

No surprise when the day came for our maternity session and they arrived even earlier than sunrise, full of enthusiasm and packed to the brim with everything for a full day beach adventure. I can barely get my own two girls dressed for school and out the door by 9 a.m., so once again I was in AWE.

What magic do they possess to pull this off so effortlessly?

So when Nermari’s due date came and went, she stayed happy and we made jokes together in the days that passed while we waited for baby’s arrival.

The night of her labor, she baked a cake. We knew it would happen that night, but she stayed calm, of course.

So calm, in fact, that the baby arrived without me, or her midwife present. Whoops! How’s THAT for mellow?

I arrived minutes after baby Milena arrived. Ricky caught his first daughter that night. Another lovely surprise.

Our last visit finally did not surprise me. Nermari and Ricky, with their days old baby girl and three loving boys, on very little sleep, had an awesome spread for a beautiful backyard breakfast picnic. A cake with chocolate frosting.. waffles, warm biscuits with glaze, fresh fruit, juice…

I think they can pull this off because they embrace being a family – with all the chaos and love and silliness and exhaustion that it brings.


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7 thoughts on “A new baby sister for a trio of brothers – Coral Springs birth photographer

  1. Once again your work has brought tears to my eyes, Emily! What a sweet and gorgeous family. The love they have for this new little girl and for each other is palpable. The shot of Mom & Dad kissing on the beach at sunrise, surrounded by their boys, is magic. It’s all magic!

  2. Beautiful beyond words. I think I will remember this family for a long time. I wish them many blessings. And you as well ma’m; thank you so much for sharing the beauty you capture so perfectly.

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