A most incredible Year In Review – 2013 for Emily Robinson Photography

If my Year In Review was a person I’d grab her by both shoulders, plant a giant sloppy kiss square on her mouth, embrace her too tightly for too long, then probably just cry it out with big sobs of gratitude and immeasurable happiness. That’s how crazy amazing 2013 was for me.

The highlight of the year, unquestionably, was enjoying my 15 minutes of fame being featured on CNN and The Today Show when my client and friend Amy Beth Cavaretta delivered her daughter outside the hospital doors in Boca at the end of May. The images I was able to capture of her birth made their way around the world in such a huge way that it takes my breath away still. In case you somehow missed it, here’s the link to the Huffington Post article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/25/woman-giving-birth-in-wheelchair-photos_n_3336785.html

In 2013, I used my camera to tell stories about glowing baby bumps against sweeping skies and rolling ocean waves. Everywhere I could, I looked for moments of connection and happiness and tried with all my heart to click and freeze time so my clients could see how beautiful they are in love with each other and their children. I let go of anxiety about what a portrait session is “supposed” to be and happily photographed people looking at each other instead of at my camera.

In 2013, I was humbled by recognition for my work. My images were on the cover of Midwifery Today twice. At the start of the year an image from 2012 was awarded honorable mention by the International Association for Birth Photographers. This year my photos were featured on various photo blogs and in publications literally around the world in lots of different languages. I was hired to document 18 birth stories and dozens of maternity, newborn and family lifestyle sessions. My Facebook fans grew from just over 600 to more than 2,500 this year. As of this moment, this little blog of mine has been viewed almost 440,000 times.

All of that summary feels very statistical and none of it measures how my reflection of  this year makes me feel. None of it can describe the tight lump in my throat right now while I type, or the tears pushing up and threatening to spill over my cheeks. I never, ever dreamed that beginning a photography journey would bring me new, deep, and true friendships.When I began, I really couldn’t understand that my camera would teach me about life, witnessing it, documenting it, and how important those images would be to me, and to my clients.

Looking toward 2014, I will be documenting lots more maternity, birth and newborn and family lifestyle sessions for clients. I will also turn my camera back more toward my own life again and feature more of my girls and their childhood as I did in 2012. My girls are my true inspiration and the reason I began taking photos and telling stories in the first place.

Of all the things I need to say about this year, the number one most important message is “Thank you.”

Thank you to my friends, family, clients, fans, and anyone who has supported me, encouraged me, sung my praises to others, clicked “like,” left a note, dropped a text, sent an email, shared a photo, told ME  “thank you,”  or even just sent a happy thought of appreciation into the universe. I am surrounded by your love this year and it is what propels me forward.

I cannot possibly blog all of the images I love from this past year, so I have grabbed a couple of highlights from each of my births this year.

I’ll leave this post with my favorite photography quote:

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”  — Dorothea Lange

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