My girls – my inspiration

This year, my business boomed and my folders filled up with client sessions. The yin to that yang is that the folders reserved for my family photos thinned out dramatically. Taking thousands of photos of clients dampened my enthusiasm for picking up the camera once I was home and chilled out. I still managed to document fairly well, but I’d like to be more purposeful again when shooting for myself. I’m not going to let entire weeks slip by without gathering a few images at least of my kiddos. They are the reason I began photography. They are my inspiration. The images I’m collecting of them in their childhood is my gift to them in the future.

2013-yir-personal-001 2013-yir-personal-002 2013-yir-personal-003 2013-yir-personal-004 2013-yir-personal-005 2013-yir-personal-006 2013-yir-personal-007 2013-yir-personal-008 2013-yir-personal-009 2013-yir-personal-010 2013-yir-personal-011 2013-yir-personal-012 2013-yir-personal-013 2013-yir-personal-014 2013-yir-personal-015 2013-yir-personal-016 2013-yir-personal-017 2013-yir-personal-018 2013-yir-personal-019 2013-yir-personal-020 2013-yir-personal-021 2013-yir-personal-022 2013-yir-personal-023 2013-yir-personal-024 2013-yir-personal-025 2013-yir-personal-026 2013-yir-personal-027 2013-yir-personal-028 2013-yir-personal-029 2013-yir-personal-030 2013-yir-personal-031 2013-yir-personal-032 2013-yir-personal-033 2013-yir-personal-034 2013-yir-personal-035 2013-yir-personal-036 2013-yir-personal-037 2013-yir-personal-038 2013-yir-personal-039 2013-yir-personal-040 2013-yir-personal-042 2013-yir-personal-043 2013-yir-personal-044 2013-yir-personal-045 2013-yir-personal-046 2013-yir-personal-047 2013-yir-personal-048 2013-yir-personal-049 2013-yir-personal-050 2013-yir-personal-051 2013-yir-personal-052 2013-yir-personal-053 2013-yir-personal-054 2013-yir-personal-055 2013-yir-personal-056 2013-yir-personal-057 2013-yir-personal-058 2013-yir-personal-059 2013-yir-personal-060 2013-yir-personal-061 2013-yir-personal-062 2013-yir-personal-063 2013-yir-personal-064 2013-yir-personal-065 2013-yir-personal-066 2013-yir-personal-067 2013-yir-personal-068 2013-yir-personal-069 2013-yir-personal-070 2013-yir-personal-071 2013-yir-personal-072 2013-yir-personal-073 2013-yir-personal-074 2013-yir-personal-075 2013-yir-personal-076 2013-yir-personal-077 2013-yir-personal-078 2013-yir-personal-079For now, I’m going to commit to a 52-week project. I’ll be shooting and posting at least one photo or maybe a few each week for the entire year. I’m excited!

Here’s a too-long recap of some of my faves from 2013:

4 thoughts on “My girls – my inspiration

  1. Your photos are amazing. I love that you are creating and capturing such wonderful childhood memories for your girls. When my nice, expensive camera arrives I will totally start documenting every moment in my life! Keep up the good work, and please come to Australia in ~4 years when I am ready to have a baby (no, seriously, please do!) =)

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