A most cherished son – Fort Lauderdale newborn photographer

Here’s a quiet little morning with baby Lincoln.

I could write more, but I think what his mom and dad wrote him is way better than anything I could come up with. I just tried to do justice to their love of him in these photographs…

mv-newborn-blog001 mv-newborn-blog002 mv-newborn-blog003 mv-newborn-blog004 mv-newborn-blog005 mv-newborn-blog006 mv-newborn-blog007 mv-newborn-blog008 mv-newborn-blog009 mv-newborn-blog010 mv-newborn-blog011 mv-newborn-blog012 mv-newborn-blog013 mv-newborn-blog014 mv-newborn-blog015 mv-newborn-blog016 mv-newborn-blog017 mv-newborn-blog018 mv-newborn-blog019 mv-newborn-blog020 mv-newborn-blog021 mv-newborn-blog022 mv-newborn-blog023 mv-newborn-blog024 mv-newborn-blog025 mv-newborn-blog026

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