The home birth of Grace – Fort Lauderdale birth photographer

This is Leslie. She’s one of my best friends. The kind of friend who you laugh with until you pee your pants. The kind of person you’d trust with anything. She’s a friend I could go a few months or even years without seeing and then pick up like no time had passed.

We met when I was just beginning with birth photography more than 2 years ago. I hung a flyer up at the Hollywood Birth Center, looking for anyone willing to let me photograph their birth. She called, we met, and I documented the birth of her second son, Myles. It was the first time I’d seen a baby be born. Not much later, we became dear friends. It feels weird talking about her like this… So here’s my open letter:

Dear Leslie.

You are such a badass. You are beautiful to the point of cliche – the whole package, inside and out. You make me laugh. You gush to the point of making me feel uncomfortable, but I appreciate every single over-the-top compliment you’ve ever given me. You needed to have a daughter and here she is. I love how much your mother was a part of this birth. I love how you thought of every detail and made everything SO BEAUTIFUL, and laughed your way through contractions, stayed so humble and funny and amazing every second of your journey. You inspire me. (That’s your line to me. I stole it.) And this is getting ridiculously heavy and sappy and I feel an urge to put some wildly inappropriate comment here, but this is a public blog… so here – Enjoy your story.

leslie-birth-blog-001 leslie-birth-blog-002 leslie-birth-blog-003 leslie-birth-blog-004 leslie-birth-blog-005 leslie-birth-blog-006 leslie-birth-blog-007 leslie-birth-blog-008 leslie-birth-blog-009 leslie-birth-blog-010 leslie-birth-blog-011 leslie-birth-blog-012 leslie-birth-blog-013 leslie-birth-blog-014 leslie-birth-blog-015 leslie-birth-blog-016 leslie-birth-blog-017 leslie-birth-blog-018 leslie-birth-blog-019 leslie-birth-blog-020 leslie-birth-blog-021 leslie-birth-blog-022 leslie-birth-blog-023 leslie-birth-blog-024 leslie-birth-blog-025 leslie-birth-blog-026 leslie-birth-blog-027 leslie-birth-blog-028 leslie-birth-blog-029 leslie-birth-blog-030 leslie-birth-blog-031 leslie-birth-blog-032 leslie-birth-blog-033 leslie-birth-blog-034 leslie-birth-blog-035 leslie-birth-blog-036 leslie-birth-blog-037 leslie-birth-blog-038 leslie-birth-blog-039 leslie-birth-blog-040 leslie-birth-blog-041 leslie-birth-blog-042 leslie-birth-blog-043 leslie-birth-blog-044 leslie-birth-blog-045 leslie-birth-blog-046 leslie-birth-blog-047 leslie-birth-blog-048 leslie-birth-blog-049 leslie-birth-blog-050 leslie-birth-blog-051 leslie-birth-blog-052 leslie-birth-blog-053 leslie-birth-blog-054 leslie-birth-blog-055 leslie-birth-blog-056 leslie-birth-blog-057 leslie-birth-blog-058 leslie-birth-blog-059 leslie-birth-blog-060 leslie-birth-blog-061 leslie-birth-blog-062 leslie-birth-blog-063 leslie-birth-blog-064 leslie-birth-blog-065 leslie-birth-blog-066 leslie-birth-blog-067 leslie-birth-blog-068 leslie-birth-blog-069 leslie-birth-blog-070 leslie-birth-blog-071*** Special note. Leslie’s birth story was also featured as part of a news story about home births on CBSMiami by anchorwoman Rhiannon Ally. This is the link to the news story:

**** The song played at the end part of the slideshow/video is called Lullaby, and is by Maggie Eckford. It was licensed and used with permission through The Music Bed. You can find more about Maggie Eckford here:

42 thoughts on “The home birth of Grace – Fort Lauderdale birth photographer

  1. The film is outstanding. So full of grace. Full of love and wonder. What a wonderful story. The moment when the mama finds out its a girl is an incredible memory to capture.
    Makes me want to capture a birth even more now xxx

  2. OMG Leslie!!!
    I loved it!! Great video, great pictures like always!! Your daughter will be so proud of you when she grows up to see this video!
    She’s so precious

  3. These are beautiful & so full of emotion ~ wonderful job. May I ask what program you use to create your videos? I do birth photography & want to incorporate video but I don’t know what program to use. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. I cannot find a words to describe how beautifully you capture it. Every image is full of love , emotions , admiration … I am your new huge fan …
    Thank you for sharing .

  5. Love love love this. Makes me relive my own birthing experience. Mine was all natural as well, but delivered at the hospital…almost didnt make it there before baby popped out. Will definitely look into birthing at home. It looks so much more peaceful and calmer rather than rushing to a hospital hoping to make it in time lol.

  6. These images are truly beautiful and really capture an amazing woman having a normal birth experience! She looks fab and has a beautiful family. Brought tears to my eyes! Gorgeous! Xx

  7. beautiful mama and baby. I cried so much watching this… could you please tell me who sing the last song “You are the lily at the valley”? I can’t find it on the internet and I just fell in love with it. Thank you so much!

  8. What a beautiful story! I had a water birth 15-months ago today. It was the most amazing experience of my life…and I just re-lived it watching your beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. The photos and video are pure art…wonderfully done and so, so beautiful.

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