Project 52 | 2014 – week 4

One month in and I’m so glad I’m doing this project. Looking back on my month, which has ZOOMED by, is like taking a deep breath. It feels like we did nothing significant this month as a family. No major road trips. No big parties or events. But we fed ducks, played in the yard, slept in a little too long on school days and putzed through the days. I’m reminded through my images that the cliche is true – the little things are the big things in life.

week-4-001 week-4-002 week-4-003 week-4-004 week-4-005 week-4-006 week-4-007 week-4-008 week-4-009 week-4-010



3 thoughts on “Project 52 | 2014 – week 4

  1. These things, the simples ones, are my most favourite things. All beautiful. And I love the twirl too and her on the red step so that she can hold the stick high enough. Love them.

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