The start of a family – Miami birth photographer

Laura and Dan are the most easy-going people. When we first met, it was so easy to chat with them that I think our consultation lasted close to an hour and a half! I left their apartment feeling less like I had booked new clients and more like I had met new friends.

The morning of our maternity session at South Pointe Park in South Beach was wonderful and the weather was perfect. The pop of color in Laura’s yellow skirt against the waves kinda reminded me of happiness and warmth and sunshine. It was perfect, really.

A few weeks later when Dan called that they were headed to the Miami Maternity Center, it wasn’t a surprise that Laura had already breezed to 9 cm dilated when she arrived! That last centimeter and delivery were the toughest part. It took a bit of maneuvering to bring sweet Calista earthside. A few moments at delivery when Calista’s body wasn’t yet born were filled with intensity, then relief and emotion.

A couple weeks later, I got to hang out again in the morning sunshine and watch them love each other and of course, Calista. Their transition into parenthood felt warm and familiar, just like I knew it would. ❤

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3 thoughts on “The start of a family – Miami birth photographer

  1. how perfect is that sweet grin in the last photo!? love the one of dad looking at you while mama is nursing.
    your shots always get the emotions going for me. so beautiful, emily.

  2. So very, very beautiful. Emily, what a great job you did at capturing these very precious moments. We are so proud of our daughter and you captured her and Dan at the pinnacle of their lives with so much accuracy. Lily

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