A family united – Miami adoption photographer

This birth story begins with me meeting two expectant parents in an airport.

Their baby had already arrived, and she was waiting for them – snuggled peacefully in the plastic bassinet in the intermediate level NICU at the hospital.

As soon as Danielle and Pierre walked toward me from the terminal, they smiled and we began the beautiful and strange little journey to their rendezvous with official parenthood. It’s an odd feeling to need to deal with a lost suitcase, or renting a car, navigating the highways in a new city, or even paying for lunch in the moments before meeting your own daughter.

This first meeting would be joyous, but also with reservation because they’d already felt loss at an adoption that fell through earlier in the year. The birth mother had changed her mind and they had to go home empty handed.

This time it would be different though. They met her, touched her, held their breath and hoped with all their heart that this time it was really real. Because their little girl had some temperature fluctuations and slight low birth weight, she was kept in the NICU for close observation for a few extra days. During that time, her birth mother relinquished her parental rights and Danielle told me she finally let her tears flow. “She is IRREVOCABLY OURS!! <3,” she texted me.

When I heard the happy news, my tears flowed a bit, too.

Because Pierre and Danielle are from Canada, they were required to stay in the US until they could get a passport for their new baby girl. So their first sleepless nights as new parents were spent in a hotel at Extended Stay America. It took a few weeks for the process to complete and a few giggles at trying to get a proper passport photo for an infant. 🙂

We met one morning at a nearby park for our official “newborn session” and I soaked up the beautiful light and the love and energy that they radiated onto this beautiful little girl.

A couple weeks later, I saw them off. It might sound cheesy, but I like that they flew “United” for their trip home.


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8 thoughts on “A family united – Miami adoption photographer

  1. Being adopted this photo essay means a lot to me. No one to document my arrival back in 1972 at Mercy Hospital in the Grove. This family is gorgorus and the baby looks like a sweet old soul.

  2. The adoption journey of this beautiful family is truly amazing and priceless. Looking through the images bought tears to my eyes. What a lovely chapter to an adoption life story journey. Thank you Emily, Danielle, Pierre and their Princess for sharing this beautiful story. x

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