Pure joy – Orlando birth photographer

Natassia and I went to high school together. A very small school. In Texas. And we are both children of the military lifestyle. So the odds of us coming back together for not only a reunion, but me to photograph her birth, seems slightly impossible. But it did work out that way. Turns out we ended up living only hours apart in Florida. We’ve kept up with each other’s lives through Facebook.

For the maternity session, she and Scott drove down from Orlando to Hollywood Beach. It was a CHILLY morning and quite cold in that ocean water, but we were rewarded with magnificent skies and gorgeous breaking waves. Even the seagulls put on a good show that day.

Because her birth was a scheduled c-section, it was easy to plan well in advance to document the big day. I crashed at their house the night before, and even gathered up a few pics of the non-human babies in the house.

Editing through these images, I often caught myself grinning. I’m sitting completely alone in my office, in silence, smiling. I guess it’s sort of like the way yawns are contagious, but all the giant grins contained in all these loving images of Olivia’s birth really made me feel happy.

See if you can look through and not feel your cheeks hurting by the end. 🙂

natassia-birth-blog002 natassia-birth-blog003 natassia-birth-blog004 natassia-birth-blog005 natassia-birth-blog006 natassia-birth-blog007 natassia-birth-blog008 natassia-birth-blog009 natassia-birth-blog010 natassia-birth-blog011 natassia-birth-blog012 natassia-birth-blog013 natassia-birth-blog014 natassia-birth-blog015 natassia-birth-blog016 natassia-birth-blog017 natassia-birth-blog018 natassia-birth-blog019 natassia-birth-blog020 natassia-birth-blog021 natassia-birth-blog022 natassia-birth-blog023 natassia-birth-blog024 natassia-birth-blog025 natassia-birth-blog026 natassia-birth-blog027 natassia-birth-blog028 natassia-birth-blog029 natassia-birth-blog030 natassia-birth-blog031 natassia-birth-blog032 natassia-birth-blog033 natassia-birth-blog034 natassia-birth-blog035 natassia-birth-blog036 natassia-birth-blog037 natassia-birth-blog038 natassia-birth-blog039 natassia-birth-blog040 natassia-birth-blog041 natassia-birth-blog042 natassia-birth-blog043 natassia-birth-blog044 natassia-birth-blog045 natassia-birth-blog046 natassia-birth-blog047 natassia-birth-blog048 natassia-birth-blog049 natassia-birth-blog050 natassia-birth-blog051 natassia-birth-blog052 natassia-birth-blog053 natassia-birth-blog054 natassia-birth-blog055 natassia-birth-blog056 natassia-birth-blog057 natassia-birth-blog058 natassia-birth-blog059 natassia-birth-blog060 natassia-birth-blog061 natassia-birth-blog062 natassia-birth-blog063 natassia-birth-blog064 natassia-birth-blog065 natassia-birth-blog066 natassia-birth-blog067 natassia-birth-blog068 natassia-birth-blog069 natassia-birth-blog070 natassia-birth-blog071 natassia-birth-blog072 natassia-birth-blog073

One thought on “Pure joy – Orlando birth photographer

  1. Emily we are so thankful that you were there to captured all this beautiful moments,you were a blessing and angel that our Dear Lord sent on Marh 6 to be there.Your story on your blog did not said that you also became an aunt of a little girl in Texas and you stay with Natassia during the whole procedure,for that I thank you so much,it is priceless and I would always be grateful to you,may God bless you and your family in many ways and keep you doing what you do so good,we love you Emily!!!!!!!

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