A gentle c-section – Boca Raton birth photographer

Barbara had a beautiful, all-natural birth experience with her first baby. So naturally, she planned the exact same for her second baby.

Except, baby Zoey decided she was comfortable in a breech position and didn’t care to move. Often, moms can feel doomed when they are faced with a c-section. A mental checklist of all the negative impacts associated with cesarean deliveries is played out – major surgery, longer recover, lack of immediate bonding time, possible difficulty beginning nursing… The vision of a peaceful, sacred event is replaced with an unnerving experience in a cold, bright, sterile operating room. Except it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Instead of giving up on her idea of a peaceful birth, Barbara worked in advance with her doctor, midwife and the staff at Boca Regional Hospital to plan the best possible birth experience she could have. It would be a “gentle” c-section.

Barbara delivered her first baby girl, Charlotte, in a lovely birthing gown. This time, she opted for a cozy pajama top. You know your doctor is cool when the first incision she makes is to modify your special-request clothing so an epidural can be inserted!

Instead of a typical blue curtain to separate mom from the sterile surgery field, she opted for a clear drape so she could witness Zoey emerging. Nerves were melted away, Barbara’s own peaceful music was played throughout and everything was captured because I was allowed inside during the surgery to photograph her birth. After Zoey was born, she was quickly evaluated in the warmer, then brought immediately back to Barbara to lay on her chest for skin-to-skin bonding time.

Zoey stayed with Barbara during recovery, and big sister Charlotte and grandma were able to meet her right away.

The entire experience was absolutely joyous. See for yourself. ❤


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9 thoughts on “A gentle c-section – Boca Raton birth photographer

  1. The pictures are gorgeous, but everyone wants to know… what is the clear drape made of and how did she get them to do that??!!?? That’s amazing! It would have made my sections so much less traumatic.

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