Ready, set, GO! – Miami birth photographer

Everything about Ana’s family is beautiful and sweet. All of them, especially Ana, have a mellow, understated kindness to them. During our maternity session, I *may* have been a bit overzealous with the seagull shots, despite Ana’s confession that she’s NOT a fan of the winged creatures. Even in an Alfred Hitchcock style-swarm, she smiled joyfully and we laughed and had a fun morning session.

The night she went into labor, the plan was to meet at her home and travel to the hospital. But labor came on a bit faster and stronger so we met at the right at the elevator doors, serendipitously.

She labored with intense focus and was at 9 cm when it was decided to help her to completion, her waters would be ruptured. As is standard with an artificial rupture of the waters, the baby’s heart tones were monitored very carefully immediately after. But instead of steady, reassuring beats, the heart tones indicated something was wrong. Suddenly Ana was being asked to PUSH with all her might – no time to dilate to the full 10 centimeters. Baby needed to be born immediately.  But instead of panic, the room filled with concentrated and positive energy. Extra nurses came in, and Ana pushed and pushed through the fear and flurry. With a bit of help from a vacuum pump, Matteo’s head seemed to straighten out in her pelvis and his heart tones returned to normal. Once his head came out it was discovered he had the cord wrapped around his neck three times. Instead of being placed immediately on her chest, he was taken over to the warmer for an evaluation and a bit of extra oxygen. Eventually the intensity and adrenaline gave way to smiles and hugs and Matteo was brought over fairly quickly for bonding with momma and nursing.

I decided to come back the next day to document big sister Antonia meeting her brother for the first time and got a serious kick out of her disposable camera present.

About a week later, our newborn session was filled with amazing light, love, family and a beautiful breakfast. Absolutely perfect and… calm. 😉

Enjoy this story and have a tissue ready. ❤


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