Son of a surfing legend – Baby Barrel born at home in Fort Lauderdale

Over the summer, I had the honor of documenting the maternity, home birth and newborn session for Nicole and Garrett.

If you think Garrett seems familiar, you may recognize him as.. ahem.. the world record holder for surfing the tallest wave. I was pretty thrilled to find out what amazing clients they were, and even happier when I set foot in Nicole’s parent’s cozy surf shack house in Fort Lauderdale to meet them for the first time. They were mellow and funny and wonderful to work with.


Nicole’s labor was long and hard, but her reward was the sweetest, chunkiest little peaceful dude ever. Enjoy their story. ❤


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8 thoughts on “Son of a surfing legend – Baby Barrel born at home in Fort Lauderdale

  1. wow! So many stunning shots here! These photos are so soulful and so human. So much emotion and expression in the eyes and in the gazes, and some totally amazing composition and flare! Blown away by your photography skills to capture these moments so beautifully! Thank you for sharing!

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