The debut of baby Fiona – Miami birth photographer

Fiona was the most expressive, wide-eyed newborn I’ve ever seen. Maybe she was awestruck by the sheer volume of love coming at her. Maybe she was eager to see the big, beautiful world her parents Angeline and Yosvany fought so hard to bring her into. I’ll never know what wrinkles of memory were formed in her fresh brain at those moments. But someday she will be able to witness her own wonder, like we did. ❤

fiona-birth-blg-001 fiona-birth-blg-002 fiona-birth-blg-003 fiona-birth-blg-004 fiona-birth-blg-005 fiona-birth-blg-006 fiona-birth-blg-007 fiona-birth-blg-008 fiona-birth-blg-009 fiona-birth-blg-010 fiona-birth-blg-011 fiona-birth-blg-012 fiona-birth-blg-013 fiona-birth-blg-014 fiona-birth-blg-015 fiona-birth-blg-016 fiona-birth-blg-017 fiona-birth-blg-018 fiona-birth-blg-019 fiona-birth-blg-020 fiona-birth-blg-021 fiona-birth-blg-022 fiona-birth-blg-023 fiona-birth-blg-024 fiona-birth-blg-025 fiona-birth-blg-026 fiona-birth-blg-027 fiona-birth-blg-028 fiona-birth-blg-029 fiona-birth-blg-030 fiona-birth-blg-031 fiona-birth-blg-032 fiona-birth-blg-033 fiona-birth-blg-034 fiona-birth-blg-035 fiona-birth-blg-036 fiona-birth-blg-037 fiona-birth-blg-038 fiona-birth-blg-039 fiona-birth-blg-040 fiona-birth-blg-041 fiona-birth-blg-042 fiona-birth-blg-043 fiona-birth-blg-044 fiona-birth-blg-045 fiona-birth-blg-046 fiona-birth-blg-047 fiona-birth-blg-048 fiona-birth-blg-049 fiona-birth-blg-050 fiona-birth-blg-051 fiona-birth-blg-052 fiona-birth-blg-053 fiona-birth-blg-054 fiona-birth-blg-055 fiona-birth-blg-056 fiona-birth-blg-057 fiona-birth-blg-058 fiona-birth-blg-059


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