About the Finding Home project

IMG_0029A photographic documentary project chronicling the beginnings of an adopted shelter dog’s life into a new home. Click to see more of Sonny and the images that inspired this project.

About the project

Through a series of in-home photo sessions over several months, the story of a newly adopted dog and its family will be documented. The collected images will tell an honest story about how a family and dog adjust and grow together. The purpose of this project is to bring about awareness through photos, how enriching it can be to adopt a dog from a shelter. This series will follow dogs adopted specifically through the Humane Society of Broward County, but the intent of the project is to encourage adoption from ANY local shelter.

Images will be shared through social media, blogs and in newsletters through a larger awareness campaign called Gimme Love. Ultimately, a collection of some of the images will be framed and displayed at the grand re-opening of the Humane Society of Broward County sometime in the fall.

About the Gimme Some Luv campaign

The Gimme Some Luv campaign is a social media and television campaign focused on altering the perception that people have about shelter animals, so that rescuing a homeless animal from a shelter is the first stop when looking to add a member to the family. Through professionally made commercials showing the variety of happy, healthy and loving dogs available in shelters, to home-made videos of people sharing their joyful and fulfilling personal shelter pet stories, our dream is to dramatically increase the number of companion animals whose lives are saved by helping them to find forever homes. To see a commercial created by Gimme Some Luv, visit: https://vimeo.com/57452829.

5 thoughts on “About the Finding Home project

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  4. I am a relatively new blogger (http://marysabo.blogspot.com) writing about my “love filled journeys” as well as meeting and interviewing people on theirs. I was looking through South Florida blogs because I’m moving down from NY this summer. I love your images and was especially touched by the “Finding Home” project – It was so beautiful and creative and needed to show people what wonderful dogs rescues can be if found by the right family! Thank you!

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